Taxation of prizes offered by Betano

What is important to know about the regulations applied by the Romanian Government, regarding cash prizes:

  1. cash prizes that are more than 600 RON are taxed with 10%.
  2. for a gain that exceeds the respective balance, the amount of 600 RON is not taxed, and the difference from the total gain is taxed with 10%.

For example, let's suppose the prize for 1st place is 5,000 RON. From this amount:

  • 600 RON will be deducted
  • the remaining 4,400 RON will be taxed with 10% (440 RON)
  • therefore, the net amount that will be transferred to your account will be 600 + (4,400 - 440) = 600 + 3960 = 4,560 RON.
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