Cancelling a Bonus Campaign

If you wish to cancel a Bonus Campaign, you can go to My Account → Promotions → Active promotions, and at the section “Bonus Money” you will see a Cancellation Button. You will have the option to cancel your active bonus campaign if you wish to do so, but also reject a coming up relevant offer. This can be done by clicking on the cancellation button represented by a bin icon.

After clicking on the bin icon, a pop-up window will provide more information and ask you to confirm or cancel the action. These are the cases you might come across when you try to cancel a campaign:

1. Cancelling an upcoming offer

The pop-up message will ask you to either proceed with the cancellation of the offer or undo the action. If you proceed, your account will refresh, and you will no longer see the relevant campaign. If you click undo, you will be returned to your active offers.

2. Cancelling an active offer

If you try to cancel an active offer, the system shall warn you that any remaining bonus amount will be lost, including any winnings from the offer's balance (your deposit balance or any winnings deriving from it will not be affected).

By confirming this action, the relevant offer shall no longer appear in your active offers. If you do not wish to proceed, you can click cancel instead.

3. Cancelling an active offer while having open bets or rounds

-Open bets

The system in this case will ask you to cash out any remaining bets, that were placed with the bonus balance. To cash out these bets, you can navigate to My Account → History → Bets.

After all the relevant bets are cashed out, you may return to your Active offers and cancel the campaign. If there is no bet stopping this action, the pop-up message will be as shown at the 2nd case of this article.

-Open Rounds in Casino

In case you had an unfinished round while playing in casino with the bonus balance, and you try to cancel a campaign where that round was calculated as part of the wagering, the system will warn you that once the round is completed any winnings will be lost, along with the bonus balance. As mentioned before, your balance and any winnings from your deposit will not be affected.

4. Unable to cancel a campaign

There might be cases where you will receive a general error, that you are not able to cancel a campaign. Make sure that you haven't already cancelled it, or finished it, by refreshing your Account or logging in again. We also advise when this message pops-up to try again later.

In any case, if you have any questions or need any assistance, you may contact our dedicated customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you.

For further information regarding our “Bonus Money” feature, you may click here.

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