Golden Chips

Golden Chips are a special type of bet that you can utilize while playing at our Live Casino and Table Games.

Once you receive Golden Chips as part of a promotion or offer, you can find them within the chip stack displayed at the bottom of your screen. To use these chips, simply click on the Golden Chip stack. From there, you can place them in your preferred position on the table or within the casino game.

It's important to note that Golden Chips have a validity period of 7 days from the moment they are credited to your account, unless stated otherwise in the specific offer. If the 7-day period elapses, the Golden Chips will expire as well.

One of the great advantages of using Golden Chips is that any winnings you obtain from them are free from any wagering requirements. This means you get to keep your winnings without any additional play through obligations.

As with all aspects of our platform, the General Terms & Conditions and Betting Rules apply to the use of Golden Chips.

Enjoy the exciting opportunities that Golden Chips bring to your Live Casino and Table Games experience, and may your gaming sessions be filled with fun and success!

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