Bonus Wagering Requirements: Possible Reasons for Bets Not Counting

If you've enjoyed the thrill of betting with bonuses on our website but noticed that some of your bets didn't contribute to the bonus wagering requirements, you might be wondering why. You can check if your bet was calculated in a reload offer by going to 'My Account' > 'Promotions' > 'Active Offers' or if it was calculated in a Mission, by clicking on the specific mission and checking your progress.

There are several reasons why a bet may not count towards the bonus wagering requirement, and understanding these factors can help you make the most of bonus offers.

1. Type of bet: One of the most common reasons why a bet doesn't count towards the wagering requirement is the type of bet. Some bonuses may have specific restrictions on the types of bets that are eligible to contribute to the wagering requirements. For example, certain bonuses may only consider single bets or accumulator bets, while other types of bets, such as system bets or cash out bets, may be excluded.

2. Minimum odds: Most bonuses come with a minimum odds requirement. This means that your bets must have odds higher than the specified threshold to qualify for the bonus wagering. If you place a bet with odds below the minimum requirement, it won't count towards your wagering progress.

3. Excluded markets: Some bonuses exclude certain markets or specific events from the wagering calculation. For example, bets placed on certain sports, leagues, or events may not contribute to the bonus wagering requirement. Always check the bonus terms and conditions to see if specific markets are excluded.

4. Settled bets: For a bet to count towards the wagering requirement, it must be settled. This means that the outcome of the event must be determined, and the bet must settle either as a win or a loss. Pending or unsettled bets won't impact your wagering progress until they are settled.

5. Timeframe: Typically, bonuses have a certain timeframe within which the wagering requirements must be met. If you place a bet outside of this timeframe, it won't contribute to the wagering requirement. Always keep an eye on the bonus validity period to ensure you meet the requirements on time.

6. Bonus exclusion: If you opt out of or reject a bonus before meeting the wagering requirements, any subsequent bets won't contribute to your wagering progress. Once you've opted out of a bonus, it's essential to understand that you won't be able to activate it again.

7. Specific bonus rules: Each bonus may come with its unique set of rules and conditions. Always read the bonus terms and conditions carefully to understand all the requirements and restrictions that apply. This will ensure you're aware of which bets qualify for the wagering requirement and which ones don't.

If you've checked all the above factors and still believe that your qualifying bet should have counted towards the wagering requirement, it's best to contact customer support for assistance. They'll be able to review your account and provide you with the necessary information to help you understand why your bet wasn't considered for the bonus wagering.

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