Cashing Out bets: First Deposit bonus requirements

When it comes to the First Deposit Bonus offer, cashed-out bets do not count towards meeting the wagering requirements. In simpler terms, any amount you cash out will not affect your progress in fulfilling the wagering criteria for the bonus.

To clarify, only settled bets that have reached their conclusion, regardless of whether they resulted in a win or loss, will be considered towards fulfilling the wagering requirements of the First Deposit Bonus. Cash-out bets, which are settled before the conclusion of the event, will not be included in this process.

As you proceed with the First Deposit Bonus, it's crucial to be aware of how cashing out impacts the wagering requirements. By focusing on settled bets, you can effectively monitor your progress and ensure that your eligible bets contribute towards meeting the bonus conditions.

Rest assured that cashing out offers flexibility in managing your bets, but for the First Deposit Bonus, it's advisable to prioritize settled wagers to meet the wagering requirements and fully enjoy the benefits of the promotion.

For more information on activating your first deposit bonus, you can find detailed instructions here.

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