Verifying my card: It doesn't have my name on it

If you are using a debit card to make a deposit and the card does not display your name, don't worry! We have a simple solution to verify your account ownership. Please follow these steps:

Upload your card: Despite the fact that your name isn’t visible, we’ll still need a picture of your card. If your card is virtual, a screenshot of the card will suffice. 

To check your credit/debit card, please proceed as follows:

  • A color photo of the front side leaving its details uncovered. * For the security of your data, our automated system will cover its sensitive data.

                            - first 4 or 6 digits

                            - last 4 digits

                            - its validity date

                            - first and last name of the cardholder

  • If it is a virtual card, a color photo of a transaction display made with the card, where they are visible:

A screenshot from the bank's application of the card ***, in which they are visible:

                           - the first 4 or 6 digits

                           - the last 4 digits

                           - the first and last name of the cardholder

                           - its validity date (optional)

The photo can be uploaded from the Profile > Verification process section. Ensure that the uploaded document is clear, complete, and legible for easy verification.

Verification process.png

If you’re facing issues with verifying your account, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Customer Support Team.

At Betano, we take extra care to ensure that the documents you submit containing any sensitive information are handled and processed securely and safely. You can read more about our privacy policy Here.


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