Additional documents requested for my withdrawal

Sometimes extra verification may be requested from you in order to confirm some details for your withdrawal.

In the event that you make a withdrawal after carrying out a deposit through a credit/debit card you are not the holder of, a validation of the third person's card will be required:

  • Photo of the card (see card validation)
  • Photo ID of the cardholder

If your deposits were initiated through a card with a problematic BIN, reverse transactions are not accepted. This means that you can deposit using the card, but money cannot be transferred to the card due to procedural issues. In such cases, a bank statement will be requested.

All relevant documents can be uploaded from My Account > Profile > Verification process.

At Betano, we take extra care to ensure that the documents you submit containing any sensitive information are handled and processed securely and safely. You can read more about our privacy policy Here.


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