Changing account limits

Due to specific policies and in order to promote responsible gambling practices and prevent impulsive changes to your limits, a change to your limits won’t be possible instantly.

When you request to decrease your limits, it will be done instantly. When you wish to increase them, there is a waiting period before the changes take effect. This waiting period allows for a cooling-off period, giving you time to reconsider your decision and make sure you are comfortable with the limit change.

Decreasing limits: Setting a smaller amount of deposit, for example from 500 RON to 400 RON, which will lead to a decrease of my limit and it is applied instantly

Increasing limits: Setting a bigger amount, for example from 500 RON to 600 RON, will lead to an increase of the actual limit, which will be applied within 7 working days.

To modify your limits, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to My Account > Profile > Player Protection section.
  2. Request an increase or decrease in your limits.
  3. If you choose to decrease your limits, the change will take effect immediately.

However, please note that if you opt to increase your limits, there will be a waiting period of 7 days before the change is processed and applied to your account.

Remember, responsible gaming is essential, and setting appropriate limits can help you manage your gameplay effectively. Always play within your means and enjoy a safe and enjoyable betting experience.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please check the bottom of the current page and contact us through the available means of your choice.

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