Troubleshooting frequently Encountered Issues

For troubleshooting common issues you can:

Check Internet Connection: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection. If your connection is slow or intermittent, it may affect your ability to use the website properly.

Update Your Browser or App: Make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser or app. Outdated browsers or app versions can sometimes have compatibility issues with our platform.

Uninstall/Reinstall application: If you use our mobile application, please uninstall and reinstall it, and try again.

Logout/Login: If you use a web browser, please log out, log in to your account, and try again.

Try a Different Browser: If you're encountering problems on one browser, try using a different browser to see if the issue is browser-specific.

Restart Your Device: Sometimes, simply restarting your computer or mobile device can resolve temporary glitches.

Contact Customer Support: If the inconvenience persists, reach out to our dedicated customer support team. We can provide personalized assistance and help resolve specific issues you might be facing.

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