Issues due to a Low Network Speed or Device Performance

We understand that technical issues like low network speed, or device performance can occasionally affect your gaming experience. Here's what you need to know in such situations:

Possible Delays: If you encounter low network bandwidth or your device's performance is suboptimal, it may lead to delays in your activity on the gaming platform. Actions such as placing bets, spinning slot reels, or interacting with live casino games may experience lags or delays, due to the technical limitations.

Responsibility of Network and Device: It's important to note that the performance of the network connection and the capabilities of your device are beyond our control. As a player, it's your responsibility to ensure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection and use a compatible device, to access the gaming platform.

While we strive to provide a smooth gaming experience, occasional technical challenges may arise due to factors beyond our control. To minimize the impact of network and device-related issues, we recommend the following:

  • Use a stable and high-speed internet connection whenever possible.
  • Ensure that your device meets the recommended system requirements for optimal performance.
  • Close other applications or browser tabs that may consume bandwidth and processing power during your gaming session.
  • If you encounter persistent issues, consider reaching out to your internet service provider or technical support for assistance.

For more information on the above cases, please refer to the relevant term 12.2.1 of the Terms and Conditions.

If you have any specific concerns or questions regarding technical difficulties while using our platform, our customer support team is always available to assist you. Feel free to contact us for further guidance and support.

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