Defining Virtuals

Virtuals are created using advanced software and random number generators that simulate the outcomes of sporting events. The virtual events are designed to replicate real sports in terms of rules, gameplay, and teams or participants. The results of these virtual sports events are determined by complex algorithms that incorporate various factors, such as team or player statistics, historical performance, and random variables.

We provide two categories of Virtuals, Virtual Sports and Virtual Games.

Types of Virtual Sports:

There is a wide range of virtual sports available, including:

  1. Virtual Football/Soccer
  2. Virtual Basketball
  3. Virtual Greyhounds
  4. Virtual Horse Racing
  5. Virtual Speedway
  6. Virtual Tennis
  7. Virtual Cycling

Types of Virtual Games:

There is a wide range of virtual sports available, including:

  1. Virtual Football/Soccer: Euroleague Stars, Domestic Championship, World League, England, European Football, Euro Clubs, Premier Clubs, Top Teams.
  2. Virtual Greyhounds: Greyhound Streak
  3. Virtual Horse Racing: Horse Streak, Instant Trotting
  4. Virtual Basketball: EuroLeague Instant Legends
  5. Virtual Speedway: Instant Speedway
  6. Virtual Cycling: Instant Velodrome
  7. Virtual Car Racing: Nascar Streak
  8. Virtual Tennis: ATP Masters 1000

In Virtual Games there is also a game called Virtual Racing, which provides options for horse racing, greyhounds, speedway, velodrome, and trotting.

Advantages of Virtuals:

  1. Continuous Action: Virtuals provide non-stop action and betting opportunities throughout the day, regardless of whether live sports events are happening.
  2. Short Event Duration: Virtual sports events are typically short, which means bettors can quickly see the results and receive payouts.
  3. Random Outcomes: Virtuals use random number generators, making them fair and unbiased, ensuring that no team or participant has an advantage over others.
  4. Accessible Anytime: Virtual sports are available 24/7, making them accessible to bettors at any time of the day or night.
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