Defining the Canadian Bet

The Canadian bet is the successor to the Yankee bet (which consists of 4 selections) and is part of the "fully covered" betting class, because it includes all the multiple betting possibilities. So, let's see what the Canadian bet actually is, how is it formed and how do you calculate such a bet?

A Canadian bet (sometimes you can also find it under the name of Super Yankee, being the evolution of the Yankee bet) is a ticket with 5 selections from different events, and these 5 selections form 26 combinations on your ticket: 

  • 10 Doubles
  • 10 Triples
  • 5 multiple bets with 4 selections
  • 1 multiple bet with 5 selections 

To have a minimum win on this bet you need to have 2 winning selections.

It is most often used on horse racing but it can also be placed on other sports and markets.

Note: A Canadian bet is similar to a Lucky 31 bet because both start with 5-select tickets, the only difference being that the Lucky 31 includes solo bets.

Why is this type of bet so popular? 

This type of bet offers substantial winning possibilities.  Since there will basically be 26 combinations on your ticket, if most of your selections win, you could win a bigger amount. What's more, only 2 of your selections need to be winners to win the ticket. (Even if the rest of your selections are therefore non-winners). 

What are the drawbacks of Canadian betting?

First of all, this type of bet is a particularly complex one. The simple fact that on your ticket there will be many combinations formed with your chosen picks, can be a determining factor for not placing a Canadian bet. This type of bet requires more experience on the part of the bettor and is not recommended if you are new to betting. 

Last but not least, since the Canadian bet involves forming 26 combinations on your ticket, this makes the stake on the ticket higher than on other types of bets, be they system or multiple.

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