Underage Gambling Rules

You can not gamble if you are underage.

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to open an account or engage in gambling activities on Betano. Age restrictions are strictly enforced to ensure responsible gambling practices and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

We take underage gambling prevention seriously and implement various measures to verify the age of our customers. 

It is essential to respect age restrictions for gambling and to provide accurate and truthful information during the account registration process. Providing false information about your age to access gambling services is not only illegal, but also poses serious ethical and social concerns.

If you are underage and attempt to gamble on Betano, you risk facing legal consequences and having your account suspended or terminated. Additionally, engaging in underage gambling can have severe negative consequences on your well-being and future.

Always gamble responsibly and abide by the legal age restrictions set forth by the platform and the laws of your jurisdiction. If you are uncertain about the legal gambling age in your region or have concerns about responsible gambling, seek guidance from trusted adults, parents, or guardians.

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