Only One Withdrawal Method is Offered

The cash-out on our site must match the deposit method that resulted in the winnings.

When withdrawing, the withdrawal method must reflect the deposit method. If you deposited via Bank Transfer, then the only option is IBAN- Bank Transfer, which means you can choose a bank account of which you are the holder. If you deposit by card, you can only withdraw to the same card you used. If you use Skrill, you will only be able to withdraw using your Skrill account.

Matching the withdrawal method helps us to ensure smooth transactions and maintain a secure gaming environment.

Therefore, whichever method you request your withdrawal, or the one displayed by the system, it will always be analyzed by the relevant department, to verify from which transaction method the winnings originated.

This process is called the closed transaction loop. So, depending on the method from which the profits are derived, there you will be able to withdraw, even if all used transactional methods belong to you.

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