Available deposit methods & limits

At Betano, we offer a variety of deposit methods, each with its own process and minimum/maximum values. Here is a list of the deposit options available to you:

1. Credit/debit card:

Betano accepts all major credit and debit cards, giving you a convenient and widely used payment option. Simply enter your card details during the deposit process and you'll be ready to explore our extensive range of betting and gaming options.

2. Bank Transfer:

You can deposit quickly and securely at Betano via bank transfer! Enter our IBAN during the transfer, and the money will be in your Betano account within one business day.

3. Paysafecard:

We accept fast and secure deposits to Betano via Paysafecard! With this method, the amount you deposit goes instantly into your Betano account.

4. Skrill and Neteller:

Deposit easily and quickly on Betano via Skrill/Neteller! Upon deposit, you will be asked to log into your Skrill/Neteller account to confirm the transaction. Once we receive confirmation from Skrill/Neteller, the funds will be instantly credited to your Betano account.

5. Betano cash:

Use Betano Cash for a quick deposit! Generate a payment code in the app and present it at your nearest SelfPay point. Once you deposit the amount at the SelfPay payment station, the money will instantly go into your Betano account.

6. ApplePay:

Use ApplePay for quick deposits on Betano! Choose the ApplePay payment method, enter the desired amount, and log into your ApplePay account to complete the payment. Once we receive confirmation from ApplePay, the funds will be immediately credited to your Betano account.

7. Aircash Abon Deposit:

Starting from 20/05/2024, we offer the Aircash Abon deposit. Purchase a 16-digit code from eligible locations, enter it as your deposit option, and validate the code. Once validated, the funds will be instantly available in your account. No bank account or credit card is needed.

8. Aircash Merketplace Deposit:

Starting from 30/05/2024, we are introducing a new and simple method to fund your gaming account: Aircash Marketplace. Access the Aircash application, select the Market button, and then the Betano logo from the gambling section. The final step is to add the amount you want to deposit along with the Betano account information, the username/email address registered on the account.

Here are the deposit limits for each deposit method we offer:

  • Credit card: Minimum 20,00 RON - Maximum 180.000 RON
  • Bank Transfer: Minimum 20,00 RON - Maximum 40.000 RON
  • Betano cash: Minimum 1 RON - Maximum 2.500 RON
  • ApplePay: Minimum 25,00 RON - Maximum 50.000 RON
  • Skrill/Skrill 1-Tap: Minimum 20,00 RON - Maximum 40.000 RON
  • PaySafe: Minimum 20,00 RON - Maximum 4.000 RON
  • Neteller: Minimum 40,00 RON - Maximum 40.000 RON
  • Aircash Abon: Minimum 25,00 RON - Maximum 300 RON
  • Aircash Marketplace : Minimum 5 RON - Maximum 5000 RON

For more details, visit the Deposit & Withdrawals section at the bottom of our main page.

Important information:

  • Please make sure you deposit through a payment method that is registered in your name.
  • Always make deposits directly through your Betano account and avoid using third party intermediaries.
  • If you have further questions or need assistance, please check the bottom of the current page and contact us through the available means of your choice.
  • You can fund your account with amounts from 1 RON up to 180,000 RON per transaction, depending on the deposit method.

Thank you for choosing Betano as your preferred betting partner!

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