Session Expiry and Account Security

Your login session may have expired due to inactivity on the platform. If you haven't performed any actions on the website for a specific period, the system will automatically log you out for security reasons. This is a common practice to protect your account from unauthorized access in case you leave your device unattended.

To maintain an active session, make sure to interact with the platform by clicking on links, placing bets, or navigating through different pages regularly. If your session does expire, you will need to log in again to resume using the site and place bets.

Additionally, if you sign in using a different device or browser, you may be automatically logged out from the previous device/browser. 

To ensure a seamless and secure betting experience, always log out properly after each session, especially if you are using a shared or public device. Also, avoid using multiple devices or browsers to access your account simultaneously to prevent unintended logouts and ensure account security.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team.

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